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Bounce Back From Bullying

A Journal for Kids (Ages 8-11)

Strategic journals for kids on bullying and cyber bullying that build resilience, self awareness and inner strength.

our mission

To support parents

Is your child struggling from bullying and you don’t know how to help them? Are they struggling with low self esteem and confidence? 

The Social Child aims to help kids navigate the challenges of bullying and conflict through journals that deep dive into developing inner strength, a growth mindset and set them up to move beyond bullying and cyber bullying. We provide resources that open communication and build relationships at home to give kids the ultimate support as they grow. 

To support our kids

Our goal is to support the development of strategies to overcome bullying. We pair that with inner strength and self awareness activities that will help children easily adapt to big changes and challenges. This helps to strengthen their self identity and flourish with resilience. 

to beat bullying

Did you know that 1 in 4 kids have experienced bullying in some form and this is just in Australia! With the digital age evolving and cyber bullying on the rise (currently 1 in 5 young people are affected), we are setting out to provide the tools and support for as many kids as possible. 

This is why we are donating 20% of our profits from our bullying journals towards campaigning against bullying!

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The Bounce Back from Bullying Journal (ages 8-11) builds insight and a deeper understanding of bullying and how to overcome it. These strategies are paired with activities that build inner strength, confidence and support an open communication at home.

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The Bounce Back from Cyber Bullying Journal (ages 12-15) introduces teens to the tools needed to manage cyber bullying while building their confidence, their self-worth and their resilience. The Journal encourages tweens to look deeper within themselves to understand what emotions are being triggered and why. It will help them to become more self aware, build empathy, sustain true friendships, all while gaining an understanding of the different types of cyber bullying and how they can protect themselves.

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The Bounce Back from Cyber Bullying Journal

Happy customers

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“My child is 8 and I noticed her withdrawing from her school friends and even from us, her family. I knew she was having troubles with a child at school and this journal helped me to open that communication with her so that we could find ways to help her. Thank you. “

Melissa B

Aberdare NSW
Girl and mum using the Bounce Back from Bullying journal

“Far too many kids are bullied and trust me, it starts younger than you think. The Bounce Back from Bullying Journal is a GAMECHANGER.“

Kate H

Newcastle NSW
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"This has helped my daughter, Harriet so much. Not only with managing conflict with bullying, but also on building her inner strength and learning to be herself within her friendship circle.”

Brooke J

Kurri Kurri NSW
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